Оффлайн шаблон инструкция

Any Live Project — right-click(PC) / CTRL-click(Mac) on a Project in the browser’s content pane, and choose the Manage Project option. These templates are compiled into executable JS at application runtime (except in interpretation mode). This compilation can occur on the client, but it results in slower bootstrap time, and also requires that the compiler be included in the code downloaded to the client. You can use this to pre-configure: Your multichannel input/output setup.Preset devices, like EQs and Compressors, in every puter key mappings (see 26.2.5). MIDI mappings (see 26.1). To delete your custom template Set, press the Clear button in the File/Folder Preferences.

Скачать: SAP_Landscape_Transformation_for_SAP_HANA_Operations_Guide_en.pdf

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