H шаблон буклета на школьный семинар

Coach your child to take those important final steps: putting his or her name on the report, placing it in a report cover, putting the report in the correct school folder, and putting the folder in the backpack so it’s ready to be turned in. Tell kids this means doing what you’re supposed to do, following what’s on the list, and sticking with it. It also means focusing when there’s something else your child would rather be doing — the hardest part of all! The charter describes the duties and responsibilities of PhD researchers and their supervisors. By reading and signing it you indicate that you know what is expected from you as a PhD researcher and what you can expect from your supervisor. Click on ‘submit’ after you have uploaded the plan. Best of all, membership is FREE! 4-H costs nothing to join, and you are not required to purchase a uniform.

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